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A Review on Easter Vigil 2009 from Marguerite Martin

Posted on 08/06/2009

The Easter Vigil
April 11 2009. …a special night for our community was the evening of the Great Easter Vigil where we celebrate the new life of Christ in his people. The Vigil was the climax of the RCIA program. This year six young men and women became fully initiated into the Church.
The Vigil liturgy has its origins in the early church and is rich in the sacred symbolism of light and dark, death and new life, using fire, water, and oil; community celebration, meal and story .

Christ our light
Our ceremony started outside the church with a fire, that crackled its way into life. From this fire the new Pascal (Easter ) candle was lit and carried from the outside into the dark church. On its journey to the church, people lit personal candles from the flame from the Easter candle to bring their light into their darkened church.
“Christ our light” Christ is proclaimed by candlelight in an ancient hymn called the ‘Exultet’ proclaimed by a cantor.

Liturgy of the Word.            Salvation History
As we rejoice in the Easter message, there is the need to remember the many stories of the people of God, and how God lovingly intervened in their lives, to finally the proclamation of the Gospel story of Salvation, the Resurrection.

Baptism “We shall draw water joyfully from the Springs of Salvation.”
It is here that our candidates for baptism come forward and state their desire for God, and what they believe about him. They step into the baptismal pool and the blessed waters of baptism are poured over them to cleanse, refresh and made new.

We shall draw water joyfully from the Springs of Salvation
After the baptism they change into new white clothes to demonstrate their new life in Christ. They then share their joy, by sprinkling with the rest of the congregation with the waters of salvation

At this point our newly baptised are joined by others who have prepared for full initiation with Confirmation and Eucharist.
They are anointed with the precious Oil of Chrism, reserved for priests, prophets and sovereigns. They are now the chosen ones, the ones anointed for Christ, to be Christ, sharing in the joy of the resurrection.

Liturgy of the Eucharist
Our newly baptised and confirmed bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar. These gifts with its components of many grains of wheat and many grapes, symbolise the many people of God and the many wants and joys that we lay as an offering to God. We offer ourselves and God gifts us with Jesus, who broke himself to give us life.

The Easter Vigil encapsulates in Liturgy the joyful presence of God in our Community.
We congratulate and welcome Tolini, Tania, Adam, Joseph, Kimberley and Anna May

We rejoiced at Easter with the Baptism of 4 adults and the reception of two others into our Church. These six had been meeting together for many months as part of the Catechumenate (RCIA). We congratulate Tolini, Tania, Adam, Joseph, Anna May and Kimberley.

Some photos of the special event are available here!