News & Events in February


SHROVE Tuesday (Pancake day)

Posted on 12/02/2010

16th February 6pm to 8pm
School Grounds.
Come and enjoy
Freshly cooked Pancakes
with maple syrup, cocky's joy (golden Syrup,
Lemon & Sugar).

If you want more of an adventurous topping then why not BYO.
There will be "Nostalgia" Games for the children
and light entertainment for the rest of us.

Mark it in your diary...
Lets celebrate as a community before the Lent period begins...

The Youth Committee

Conversations about Catholics

Posted on 12/02/2010

When parents enrol their children in our Catholic schools or begin
sacramental preparation, they come with a variety of different experiences of Church.

Conversations about Catholics are four informal sessions, where parents have an opportunity to gain knowledge of the practices and rituals of the Church, gain an understanding of Religious education, and gain a greater sense of belonging.

Have you got questions about Catholic practices?
Session 1 : Monday 15 February at 9am in St Vincent’s Hall OR
Tuesday 16 February at 7pm in Parish Meeting Room.
( 12 Bland St …. The house with the picket fence )

Inquiries ring Marguerite 9798 2501