Ministries and Parish Groups

Posted by Maurice

We are blessed with number of active groups of parishioners who are helping with building theparishcommunity.

Perhaps you have something to offer!

Acolytes & Altar Servers.
Acolytes assist the priest on the altar during the celebration of Mass and other liturgies. They also prepare the sacred vessels for the celebration. Acolytes are officially commissioned after completing a training course. Altar servers (boys and girls who have made their first communion) assist the Priest and the Acolytes at Sunday Mass and at other special liturgies.

Altar Society
These people ensure that everything that is used in the liturgy is kept clean and tidy, and the altar and sanctuary look beautiful. Members may be rostered for 2 hours each month or undertake laundering of altar linen and vestments in their own home.


Catechists provide Religious Education and Christian formation of Catholic children in Government schools. A half hour each week is spent in the classroom with groups of children at Ashfield Primary School & Ashfield Boys High School.


The Cenacles Of The Marian Movement Of Priests

This movement was started by an inspiration and message of Our Lady to a priest named Fr. Steffano Gobbi, when he visited Fatima in 1972. Our Lady told him to form a group to pray especially for priests and later on, included religious, laity, young people and children. This became a worldwide movement that spread nationally, regionally by diocese in communities at large, in parishes, religious houses or in families. This devotion is in response to Our Lady's great love for priests, who she calls her Beloved Sons. Those who practice this devotion have 3 commitments:

  1. Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
  2. Love for, and union with the Pope.
  3. Leading others with whom we come in contact to a greater devotion to Our Lady.

At the heart of the Cenacle is the reading of Our Lady's message from the book "To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons," meditating on it and sharing insights and reflections, which will help us both as individuals and as a group to have an ongoing formation and spiritual direction, to mould us in the image of Christ and help us to live out our consecration in our daily lives. Our group in St Vincent's meets in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel with the Blessed Sacrament exposed for one hour. We start at 11am on Wednesdays before the midday mass. We start with:

  1. Invocation of the Holy Spirit (3 times).
  2. Praying of the Rosary.
  3. Prayer for our Holy Father, the Pope and his intentions.
  4. Reading, meditating and reflecting one of Our Lady's messages.
  5. Act of Consecration to Our Lady. We finish with a hymn to Our Lady.

The 6pm Choir

The 6pm choir began in 1985, with some of the original members still involved! The goal of the choir has been to create meaningful music and liturgy that celebrates the cultural diversity of our parish. Many members have passed through the choir over the 'thirty something' years and we're pleased that we have many young people and children involved. Each month the Youth choir leads the third Sunday, and the Zimbabwean Australian Catholic Community the last Sunday. We're building our Children's choir who currently lead four masses per year. We are more a community than a choir and we are always seeking new members. For more information contact Jenny Collins-White on 02 9799 7136.

Christian Initiation

The Catholic Church warmly welcomes new members and tries to provide an appropriate spiritual formation according to each person's need. The ministries of the RCIA include catechists who lead the discussions, sponsors who journey with the candidates and team members who organise and support the process.


The Counters meet to count the first and second collections and total them in preparation for banking. The first collection (pastoral revenue) is used for the priests of the Vincentian Community living expenses, and the support of retired and sick priests. The second collection, including envelopes is used to fund the Parish; pay staff salaries, maintain the buildings for general running expenses.

Finance Committee

The main concern of the Finance Committee is to ensure that budget and actual performance are explained and documented. Collections, expenses, assets, maintenance and insurance are under continual review. The committee has the responsibility of advising the parish priest on financial matters.


Monday Afternoon Prayer Group

This is a group of people who believe in the power of prayer and in the words of Jesus "Where 2 or more gather together in my name, I am there in the midst of them." This group was started over 25 years ago as an active Charismatic Prayer Group. Members numbered over 20 and were mostly senior retired people. But over the years, many have passed on and others have moved to other parishes and some to retirement homes. At the moment only a handful of us are trying to carry on and we would love more people to join us.

The group is open to both men and women. We meet every Monday immediately after the midday mass. We start with the Rosary, sing some hymns of praise and worship. Then, we go over the Sunday readings and share our thoughts, and find its relevance to our personal lives. After this, we have prayers of intercession for the needs of our parish, for priests, for the sick, for our government (country) and for world problems etc. We start about 12.30pm and finish by 2pm. We believe that every little thing we do in our Church will help in the development and growth of our parish faith community.
For more information please contact Hilda 97991508 or Violeta 97169386.

Music At The 8am Mass Of St Vincent's Ashfield

Music At The 8am Mass Of St Vincent's Ashfield has its own character and personalities. The three musicians, Beata, Ann, and Marie take turns to lead with the organ, while Marvin, Rita, John and others look after the technology. Because it is the first Mass - early in the morning! - we try not to overwork/"oversing" the congregation. So preparing the music we look to the readings of the day, and desirably match the hymns, and often the psalm, to support the particular season or feast. Setting up available microphones for the musicians to do both singing and the playing has its difficulties (trying to fit mouth to standing mike!), and we are always relieved and grateful if someone comes along to lead the singing.

Music / Choir Ministry
Music is an important part of the Liturgical celebration and volunteer organists, pianists, instrumentalists and singers are always welcome. The weekend masses provide various styles of music. Sunday 8am and 10:00am: Organist & Choir – Traditional Sunday 6pm : Sunday Evening Music Group - Contemporary

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care team provides a wide range of care and support within the Parish community. New members are always appreciated.

The Hospitality Group provides hospitality, support and service for parish celebrations.

The Transport Group provides transportation to Sunday Mass and to Masses of Anointing of the Sick.



Readers receive training and strive to deepen their understanding of the scriptures, so that as they read they are truly proclaiming God's word within the community. Readers are rostered (according to their availability) for each Sunday and weekday mass.


Special Ministers of the Eucharist

Special Ministers are appointed after a training course and are rostered (according to their availability) to distribute communion at the Sunday Masses and weekday Masses. In addition some ministers take communion to residents in aged care facilities, and the house bound.

St Vincent de Paul conference

The Ashfield conference of the St Vincent de Paul society meets at the Parish office on the 1st Tuesday of each month, commencing 7.15pm.

The conference follows in the footsteps of St Vincent, Frederic Ozanam and Rosalie Rendu by working in the community and assisting families and individuals in need.

Vinnies is a great way of rolling up you sleeves and puting your faith into action. If you would like to join the conference, and have further questions, you can contact the Conference President, Stephen Fenn, on 0423 027 657.

St Vincent de Paul Society

The society works to help the needy with assistance and support and by visits to the lonely and poor of any age group. This care is offered regardless of race, colour or creed. The members pray together and strive to deepen their love of Christ who calls them to serve the poor.

St Vincent's Sunday Children's Liturgy

The Sunday Liturgy Group, in its current format, has been running for the past three years. It was through a Parish meeting that the youth group members and myself realised that there was a need for such an opportunity. In the beginning we had enough volunteers to create a 10 week roster. Our numbers have reduced but I hope to welcome more leaders and assistants this year - maybe you could help out?
The Sunday Children's Liturgy group runs to offer our children, attending the 10am Mass, an opportunity to hear the Gospel, to talk about it at their level and to pray together, before returning to the church, to tell Fr Alan what they heard and to present the offertory. Sometimes there is a colouring sheet or a take-home card representing the message of the day.
If you are interested in being part of this Ministry, please contacted me directly on 0420653637/sinead(dot)kent(at)syd[dot]catholic$dot$edu*dot*au or call the Parish Office with your details. You are most welcome to come to any session and have a look at the format. I will offer you as much or as little support as you require, so don't be daunted at all.

Sinead Kent Family Educator


The Wardens are responsible for taking up the collections at each of the weekend Masses.


Welcomers meet and greet parishioners and visitors as they arrive for weekend masses. Welcoming is the visible sign that Jesus is the head of our community and invites parishioners to share his life.