Commissioning Ceremony on 22nd February 2009


Fr Michael:                 I invite those who are to be installed as members of the Parish Pastoral Council of St Vincent’s Parish to come forward. (Come to the sanctuary and face the people)

Each of you was nominated by another member of this parish community to serve as a member of the Parish Pastoral Council. Do you accept the responsibilities of parish leadership we are placing upon you?     We do

Will you strive to form yourself into the likeness of Christ so that you will be better able to serve His people?   We will

I put before you your vision statement of the Parish Pastoral Council of St Vincent’s Ashfield. (on overhead)

Enrich and promote Christian values within the St Vincent’s faith community

Encourage and develop the spirit of unity and understanding

Empower the qualities and abilities of the faith community to provide assistance and service to the needs of our parish and the wider community.

Do you, as councillors, adhere to this statement and commit yourself to achieve these goals?  We do.


We humbly accept the confidence you, the people of our parish community, have placed in us and acknowledge our responsibility.
We ask for your prayerful support, encouragement and honest criticism as we seek to serve this community.

Fr Michael:

I pray also today for others who were nominated for the Pastoral Council. I thank them for their involvement in the Council over the past months and particularly thank them for their commitment to assist the Council in specific endeavours in the future.

Heavenly Father, you have chosen us all to be your people. Give your blessing to these parishioners as they form our Parish Pastoral Council. Guide their activities by the light of your Spirit and help them to work together for your honour and glory and for the benefit of all your people.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Pastoral Council