Can we get married in your Churches?

Members of the parish are welcome to marry in the parish church. Catholics from outside the parish are also welcome to marry in our churches. However, If you are not parishioners of Ashfield now, it is strongly encouraged that you arrange for your local priest to come to Ashfield to celebrate your wedding. Also, if you wish to be married on a Sunday, you will certainly need to bring your own priest.

How much does it cost?

Parishioners are required to make a donation for the use of their church. Couples from outside the parish are required to make a set contribution of $1200 to the parish. This contribution goes towards the conservation and upkeep of our heritage churches, as well as the provision of vergers, cleaners and secretarial services.

How do we book the church?

St Vincent's is a popular venue for weddings so book asap to the church office on 02 9798 2501.

What do we need to do to prepare for the wedding?

Your celebrant will help you prepare for this important event. You usually meet with him a number of times. At these meetings the priest help you to prepare well both for the celebration of the Sacrament itself and for you future life together. In most cases, the celebrant will require you to attend a marriage preparation program provided by the Church. In addition you will be advised of documents needed eg. birth certificates, baptismal certificate needed to satisfy requirements of both the Church and State.

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